Exec & Contact

We have an Executive Committee of eight Warwick students, elected to their positions in March of each year by the club’s members.

Please try to contact the right person to deal with your request in the quickest and most efficient way! If you are unsure who to contact, please send your message to our Secretary, who will forward it to the appropriate Exec member.




Tom Maguire

Tom is a 2nd-year Computer Science student who started playing floorball when he first arrived at Warwick University. As one of the co-presidents, he is partly responsible for organising events such as tour and Old Boys.




James Forrest

James is a 3rd-year Engineer, who first played floorball during his 2nd-year, after being introduced to it through one of his friends at the Sports Fair. Having enjoyed his first taste of the sport, he carried on attending the weekly practice sessions and has improved throughout his time at the club. Before coming to University, he had never heard of Floorball and is now one of the Co-Presidents of the club. As Co-President, he oversees many of the things Warwick Floorball does, alongside Tom Maguire.


If you have any questions about the club or Floorball in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our co-presidents by sending an email to president@warwickfloorball.co.uk

Club Captain

Ben Dawson

Ben is a 3rd year Maths student who started playing floorball when he first arrived at Warwick University. He made his 1st team debut for Warwick soon after joining the club, and currently has his sights set on playing floorball for the GB national team. As club captain he is responsible for organising training sessions and managing Warwick’s 1st team and recreational teams.


Any enquiries about playing floorball with Warwick can be directed towards Ben at clubcaptain@warwickfloorball.co.uk



Social Secretaries

Mikey Kenny

Mikey is a 2nd year Accounting and Finance student from Ireland. He joined the club as a fresher looking for a way to keep fit, but quickly fell in love with the sport and the club. Mikey began training with the first team after Christmas. Election to social secretary offered him the opportunity to give back to the club and the fun challenge of adding to the joyful, inclusive atmosphere of the club through the many varied social events the club hosts.


Josh Calloway

Josh is a 3rd year History with Italian student. He played rugby and cricket at school but didn’t know which sport to pursue at university. Fortunately, the fast-paced and friendly atmosphere of Warwick Floorball made the decision easier. He now plays as a forward for the 1st team. Josh has the coveted responsibility of organising fun and inclusive socials and tours for all members. Their goal is to ensure that the club continues to be diverse and accessible for everyone.


For information about social events for 2018/19, please do hesitate to get in touch with them by sending an email to events@warwickfloorball.co.uk

Club Secretary

Anouk Geene

Anouk is a first year Law with French Law student from Switzerland. A popular sport in international schools, Anouk first started playing floorbal (or Unihockey as they call it back home!) in highschool. As a track athlete, she loves the fast-paced element of the sport, the team effort involved and specifically, the fun, inclusive and improvement-oriented mentally of all Warwick Floorball club members.

As Club Secretary, Anouk is responsible for asssisting the other exec members, respoding to any general enquiries and keeping club members up to date with activites/trainings.

For questions of any kind, please send an email to secretary@warwickfloorball.co.uk


Brendan Tan

Brendan is a 2nd year student who loves playing sports. Having played a bit of floorball in high school, he attended the taster session in his first year, and upon seeing how fun and inclusive the club is, he decided to pick it up again. As the treasurer, Brendan is responsible for ensuring the club funds are effectively spent and accounted for.

For any finance related questions, send an email to treasurer@warwickfloorball.co.uk