Warwick Grizzlies – 2015 BUFL Winners

November 28, 2015

Warwick Grizzlies win BUFL 2015!

11057707_934282296658194_3576469651830734663_oSunday the 15th of November brought the return of the British Universities Floorball League. This saw 10 teams from across the UK make the trek to the FUTSAL arena in Birmingham to compete in a gruelling day consisting of no fewer than 9 matches each. This year saw Warwick enter two teams in an attempt to double our chances of victory. However, strong teams such as Oxford, Bath and LSE meant that we would have to be at our best in every match if we were to have any chance of victory. It was a morning to remember for both teams, securing some well-earned wins early on and sending a message out to the other teams. However, a tough couple of games for the Warwick Kodiaks saw them with work to do in the afternoon. A couple of individual mistakes also cost the Warwick Grizzlies as they suffered a frustrating loss against LSE. Both teams managed to rebound superbly meaning the Grizzlies topped their group with 7 wins from 8 and the Kodiaks finishing a very respectable 3rd with 4 wins from 8. Straight of the back of their last group match, the Grizzlies had to face an impressive Oxford side in the final. A very competitive game meant it was vital to score early and settle into the game. A lovely bit of build-up play saw Nils Wickman put the Grizzlies ahead in the final, with Fredrik Stokke double the advantage soon after. With Oxford now chasing the game, they were pressing very high up the rink. A perfect counter attack with fantastic determination from Pier-Olivier Marchand saw him set up James Robinson for a third. However, as the game became more heated, errors from Grizzlies saw us receive two penalties. Oxford were right back in the game at 3-2 with only a couple of minutes remaining. But Nils Wickman put the game out of reach with a lovely strike. The game ended 4-2 meaning that the Grizzlies were the overall winners of the event. The Kodiaks winning the 5th/6th playoff (including a goal at last for Tanay Shah!) meant that it was a very successful day for the club, winning overall, but with both teams in the top half as well. Special mention must also go to Usman Khan for playing fantastically well for both teams in goal (as well as a couple of games for another team) meaning that he played over 20 games over the course of the day.

Results for Warwick Grizzlies:

Grizzlies 6-0 Oxford 2

Grizzlies 4-2 LSE

Grizzlies 8-0 UCL

Grizzlies 7-1 UEA

Grizzlies 3-4 LSE

Grizzlies 5-0 Oxford 2

Grizzlies 8-0 UEA

Grizzlies 5-2 UCL

Final: Grizzlies 4-2 Oxford 1


Results for Warwick Kodiaks:

Kodiaks 5-1 Imperial

Kodiaks 1-5 Bath

Kodiaks 0-3 Oxford 1

Kodiaks 4-2 Imperial

Kodiaks 1-0 York

Kodiaks 1-2 Bath

Kodiaks 0-7 Oxford 1

Kodiaks 4-1 York 5th/6th

Playoff: Kodiaks 3-0 UEA


Special mention goes to the Warwick Kodiaks, in particular Tanay Shah and Namik Holzleg for their superbly worked free hit

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