Warwick 2 finish the season

April 13, 2015

Final Warwick 2 fixtures11016137_437497406418428_3854020783722259028_o

Warwick 2 v Manchester Salibandits 1-25

With the final tournament looming large on the horizon, Warwick 2 entered the arena to face leaders Manchester in what was predicted to be an uphill struggle from the start. This prediction proved true, fielding only one substitute on that clear March day Warwick were forced to play for the longhaul and devise some endurance tactics.

Though the outcome felt somewhat disappointing, Warwick 2 were able to show a vast improvement on their previous encounter with Manchester made all the more remarkable by the few substitutions made.

Goals Scored: Usman Khan

Warwick 2 v MK Phantoms 3-18

11008629_712323685532522_1582513906457374129_oThe final match of the season and the final chance for Warwick 2. MK Phantoms put up a serious fight, dominating in the first period with 6 goals, this continued into the second period but the third period saw something of a turnaround. Thanks to lightning fast moves from Usman and Oliver, Warwick 2 were able to put three past MK’s goalie to lift the team’s spirits and to put the team in a better position at the end of the season with a strong results following a tiring result.

Goals Scored: Usman Khan, Oliver Rigby (2)

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