Warwick February Clashes

March 6, 2015


Warwick face interesting matches.

Warwick 1 v Rhinos 2-14

February saw a re-invigorated Warwick 1st team take on old foes Rhinos for the first time since October in an attempt to best the previous score. Fielding a now-seasoned team, Warwick 1 fought hard to try and put pressure on Rhinos with a brace of goals from James Robinson in an attempt to rein in their opponents.

Despite the strong effort from Warwick, it was not enough to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and so the team had to try and gain some points in their next match.

Goals Scored: James Robinson (2)

Warwick 2 v MK Phantoms 1-11

February saw a strengthened Warwick 2nd team return to Birmingham to try and salvage some dignity after a punishing season. Their first match of the day was against the Milton Keynes-based Phantoms.

A disciplined performance from the team saw only three points dropped in each of the first and second periods despite the ceaseless pressure from the opposing team. Sadly the team faltered somewhat in the last period and MK took the chance to increase the score to 11 in their favour. However a surprise last minute attack from Bogdan gave the underdogs a point to maintain their pride.

Goals Scored: Bogdan Alecu

Warwick 1 v Warwick 2 6-0

The 8th of February saw the match that the whole of Warwick Floorball Club had been looking forward to since the start of the season: First Team v Second Team. Warwick 2s approached each period with strong consistency and enthusiasm but this was undermined by the skill and tenacity of Warwick 1.

Six goals (with special mention to the four scored by Simon Saunders) dashed any hopes that the 2s had with regards to the final score of the match. Regardless, Warwick 2 were able to walk away with some measure of pride as this had been their best result this season. Warwick 1, meanwhile were able to savour their first victory this season and left them in good spirits for their next and final tournament this season.

Goals Scored: James Robinson, Simon Saunders (4), Will Goodchild






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