Tough February Fixtures

March 6, 2015


Final Warwick 1 fixture

Warwick 1 v Nottingham 1-6

Warwick 1’s opening salvo in their first match of their final tournament was against Nottingham. Both Midlands teams put in a strong effort in this tournament but sadly for Warwick, despite a valiant goal from James Robinson, the final score was 6-1 in Nottingham’s favour.

Goals Scored: James Robinson

Warwick 2 v Nottingham 2-19

Following Warwick 1’s showdown with Nottingham came the turn of Warwick 2. They were able to put two goals past Nottingham’s goalkeeper courtesy of a brace from Oliver Rigby, but Nottingham put in a strong show of force resulting in a very one-sided final score in their favour.

Goals Scored: Oliver Rigby (2)

Warwick 1 v Warwick 2 9-1

The 22nd of February saw the follow-up match to the previous confrontation between the University of Warwick clubs in the preceding tournament. Fielding very similar teams to their previous confrontation, the two teams led an exciting and enthusiastic encounter that resulted in a similar score again.

Warwick 1 drove a hard game, scoring a total of nine goals from a variety of players including Simon Saunders (5), Simon Wilson, Will Swarbrick and Will Goodchild (2) whilst Warwick 2 featured a goal in a rare appearance by Chandana Kelegame.

All-in-all, this was a well-played match and provided an exciting highlight for both teams and particularly as this was the 1s final tournament of the 2014/15 season.

Goals Scored (Warwick 1): Simon Saunders (5), Simon Wilson, Will Swarbrick and Will Goodchild (2)

Goals Scored (Warwick 2): Chandana Kelegama


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