Warwick open 2015 with exciting matches

January 22, 2015

Warwick 2 return to Birmingham inJan match solid spirit.

Warwick 2 2 – 16 Wakefield Wolves Warwick 2 0 – 16 Rhinos

Warwick 2 returned to Birmingham hoping for a new year and a new start. Their first tournament of the year was against two tough competitors, Wakefield Wolves and Rhinos. Wolves struck hard against Warwick but despite the tough playing from Wolves, it was not enough to ensure a clean sheet for their Goalkeeper. Well deserved goals came from Tom Peel with an assist from Reuben Maclean-Quin and Usman Khan with an assist from Oliver Rigby.

Goals: Tom Peel and Usman Khan

Fresh from their gruelling match against Wolves, Warwick came face to face with another formidable team: Rhinos. Despite the best efforts of all the team, Warwick came away goalless from this encounter but ready and raring to go for the next tournament.

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