Tough November Fixtures

December 30, 2014

Warwick 1 and 2 face stiff opposition from hardened rivals

Warwick 1 4-5 Nottingham Warwick 1 7-9 MK PhantomsMathilde

Warwick 1 entered their first match with a desire to earn some points and faced their closest match yet. Despite an early lead for Warwick, Nottingham edged just far enough ahead to clinch a narro victory from the West Midlands based team.

Goals: Aidan Blackall (3) and Dennis Jackson

Following their preceding narrow defeat, Warwick started their final game of the day itching for their first victory of the season. Despite some stellar performances from the team, MK were too far ahead to beat and so a second narrow loss ensued to the chagrin of Warwick 1s.

Goals: Aidan Blackall, Rihards Stagis (2) Dennis  Jackson (2) and Will Swarbrick (2)

Manchester Salibandits 31-0 Warwick 2 Warwick 2 2-21 Rhinos

Coming out of their scathing losses in the 1st tournament, Warwick 2 returned to Birmingham with a renewed push and an enlarged team. Playing the first match of the day against the defending 2013-14 champions was always going to be a tough job. Salibandits put on a punishing assault that would have been too much for most teams to handle and cruelly beat Warwick by 31 points.

Following their punishing ordeal at the hands of Manchester, Warwick 2 entered the rink with a mixture of caution and determination to face Rhinos. Despite strong efforts from Warwick, Rhinos took the lead with a heavy margin although Warwick 2 were able to score their first two goals of the season!

Goals: Rhinos Own Goal, Tom Peel

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