Warwick play season-opener

November 9, 2014

Warwick face a tough start to the 2014-15 season with fierce defeats

MK Phantoms 6-4 Warwick 1  Warwick 1 5-11 10310701_644762235610203_5934855596084535525_nRhinos

Warwick 1 entered the first match of the new league looking to capitalise on their successful performance in the previous season against regular opponents MK Phantoms and Rhinos.

Their opening match against MK Phantoms resulted in a tightly played game with an unfortunate loss of 6-4 to the Milton Keynes based team.

Goal scorers: Simon Saunders (2) and Dominic Zeidler (2)

Their second and final match was up against Rhinos and despite some quality floorball from Warwick they were unable to dent their opponents lead finishing with a 5-11 loss to Rhinos.

Goal scorers: Dennis Jackson (2), Dominic Zeidler (1), Sam Pearson (1), Aidan Blackall (1)

Warwick 2 0-21 Wakefield Wolves  –  Nottingham 21-0 Warwick 2

Warwick 2 faced a tough set of matches at their inaugural tournament and played well considering that it was the debut of that incarnation of the Warwick 2s.

They opened the day against Wakefield Wolves and despite a brave and valiant attempt Warwick lost 21-0 to Wakefield following a long and drawn-out 60 minutes. Even with the inclusion of some veteran 2nd team players it was not enough to deny the Wolves a win.

Their second and final match that day was against Nottingham. Although Warwick improved towards the end of the 1st period and harried the Nottingham defence the team were unable to overturn an early Nottingham lead and finally succumbed 21-0 to the East Midlands team. Several opportunities gave Warwick close chances – most notably a near-goal from a penalty won by Tanay Shah – but inevitably it was not enough to save the Warwick 2s from a thrashing.

This tournament was a trial by fire for the new Warwick 2 and will help put them in the right mindset for their following tournament in November.

Final Scores:

Warwick 2 vs. Wakefield Wolves 0-21

Nottingham vs. Warwick 21-0

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