Floorball enjoys inaugural Quad Hockey Formal

February 18, 2014

Club team up with Mixed Hockey and Sub Aqua to put on event

Warwick Floorball Club teamed up with our hockey brethren to start off a new tradition: the first Quad Hockey Formal was hosted at the Stratford Q Hotel on Sunday 7 February.

Quad Hockey Formal

Floorball representatives enjoy their night

It was a great turnout on part of all clubs involved, except for the Ice Hockey club who decided to pull out. Frown.

Naturally, being a formal, everyone was dressed to impress, and all looked their very best. Great job everyone!

After initially meeting at the Terrace Bar on campus, we boarded a specially organised coach to Stratford-upon-Avon, where we were greeted on arrival by a Buck’s Fizz reception.

This was followed by a delightful three-course meal and a full evening of fun music, where the enjoyment was clear to see on everyone’s faces, before the coach took us back to Leamington to see where the night would take us.

It was an enormously fun event, for which a lot of gratitude is owed to Social Secs Mickey and Chandru, as well as the Social Secs of the other hockey clubs.

We hope this successful evening will encourage more inter-club activities with our fellow sportsmen and women, and will also start a new tradition of putting on an annual Quad Hockey Formal. After all, the other (lesser) clubs have their formals, surely floorball deserves one too?

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